Kettle River Fishing Report

From its source at the outlet of Holmes Lake in the Monashee Mountains of British Columbia, the Kettle River flows south to Midway, British Columbia. Along the way it is joined by many tributaries, most notably the West Kettle River. Below Midway, the river loops south into the United States, through Ferry County, Washington, before flowing north back into Canada, passing by Grand Forks, British Columbia where the Granby River joins. After flowing east for about 10 miles (16 km), the river turns south again, just south of Christina Lake,[6] entering the United States again.

THE NORTHEAST CORNER OF WASHINGTON does not receive much attention. One of the rivers in this part of the state is the Kettle. The overall, fish counts are not high on this incredibly clear freestone river, yet someday's you might think the dry fly fishing could not get any better! The genetics of the redbands are very clean. These rainbows are some of the hardest fighting and beautiful fish you have ever experienced.

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The Kettle River is a tributary of the Columbia River
Holmes Lake
Columbia River
175 miles
4,200 sq miles
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