Clearwater River Alberta Fishing Report

It must be evident that the Clearwater River gets its name from the clarity and beauty of its water. Located entirely within the Canadian Rockies and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, this glacier fed river is a tributary of the North Saskatchewan River.

The river originates within the borders of the legendary Banff National Park on the southern slope of Mount Wellington. From Mount Wellington it flows into Devon Lakes at Clearwater Pass, then drops down 1,300 feet to Clearwater Lake. At Trident Lake, about a mile down from Clearwater Lake, the water becomes navigable by a small craft or canoe. After exiting the park, the river changes direction several times before it approaches Rocky Mountain House and empties into the North Saskatchewan River.
Additional Information
Elk Creek, Idlewild Creek, Rock Creek, Tay River, Roaring Creek
Mount Wellington
North Saskatchewan River
126 miles
Seasonal Conditions
SpringBWO, March Brown, Light Cahill, Caddis, PMD, Golden Stonefly, Midges
SummerWestern Green Drake, Terrestrials, Midges
FallCaddis, BWO, midges
Current Forecast
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Fishing Quality
Water quality